Choose your own or allow us to give you a selection of our delicious fillings for your conference or lunch. The fillings listed below can be used on platters, lunch boxes and conference menus. We use a variety of breads, rolls, bagels, wraps and pide. Some of the fillings below are more suited to one type of bread than another. We are happy for you to choose your own or allow us to give you an interesting, healthy mixture for your function.


Salami, semi sun-dried tomatoes, rocket and basil mayonnaise.
Roast chicken, avocado, Lolitas mayonnaise and cucumber.
Turkey,cranberry, avocado, brie and rocket.
Greek feta and red capsicum spread, roast zucchini ribbons and greens.
Brie, mango chutney, avocado, cucumber and greens.
Roast beef, caramelized onion, tomato and rocket.
Tuna, roasted red capsicum, capers and Lolitas mayonnaise.
Avocado, semi-sun dried tomatoes, grated carrot, cucumber, and watercress.
Ham, swiss cheese, rocket and french mustard.
Salami, herb cream cheese, kalamata olives and cos.
Roast beef, french mustard, semi sun dried tomatoes, and rocket.
Herb chicken, mango chutney, avocado, tasty cheese and cos.
Roast turkey, roast pumpkin, feta and cos.
Falafels, roast red capsicums, hommus and greens.
Roast eggplant, roast red capsicum, feta cheese, Lolitas pesto and rocket.
Semi sun dried tomatoes, grated carrot, avocado, beetroot and rocket.
Roast pumpkin Lolitas pesto, feta and rocket.
Tzaziki, grated carrot, cucumber, tomato and cos.
Tuna salad with Lolitas mayonnaise, red capsicum, spanish onion and cos.
Salmon and dill mayonnaise, cucumber and cos.
Smoked salmon, herb cream cheese, capers and spanish onion.
($1.00 extra for smoked salmon)
Grilled eggplant,Lolitas pesto,roast capsicum,rocket
Leg ham,seeded mustard,avocado,aioli and alfalfa
Avocado,tomato,camembert,snow pea sprouts,aioli
Pastrami,tomato,feta and greens
Grilled chicken,tomato,capsicum,cream cheese,avocado
Roast pumpkin .spinach,ricotta,sweet chili

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